Wheels without paper provenance

is a very old furniture manufacturer, and they still exist. It’s not very clear which wheels they made, and if all the wheels attributed to Merkelbach on Ebay are real Merkelbach wheel.
The wheel on this picture is for sure a Merkelbach. You see Dutch spinning champion 1973 Piet van den Eijnden with the wheel he bought in 1936 from Merkelbach.

Piet van den Eijnden
Mentioned above, was not only a spinning champion but also made wheels in the 70’s.
These three wheels are said to be of his make:

These very modern looking wheels are said to be made by industrial designer Bastiaan Vos. They are very heavy and have a strong momentum. The pulley for tensioning often got lost in time.

This is a schipper type of wheel made by Jan Lobs, who lived in Oostvoorne. Easy to recognize by its typical treadle.

Do you have any folders of these wheel brands? I would very much like a scan to add it to the page!

Heads up: Jamka Trading, Weduwe Vinks and Hako were not producing their own wheels.

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